Brass is generic term for a range of copper alloys , main elements are copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn), use popularly in lives : decorations, welding materials, the type of individual weapons warheads, wind instruments….

VietBuild Exhibition in HCMC Viet Nam

We Ningbo Dowedo Coppers under Ningbo Dowedo International Trade Co.,LTD Come to attend the VietBuild Exhibition in HCMC VietNam. Our Booth Number is : A3-1378 in SECC from date of Aug 27 to Aug 31

Why We Choose Brass Fittings

Brass is one of the most common materials used for making pipe fittings. Brass as a construction material is an alloy (primarily) of copper and zinc. Brass pipe fittings are in high demand because of some inherent properties which make them superior than other materials.

Affecting Factors on Price Of Copper and Brass

The International Economic Situation is Very Important on Copper and Brass Prices. the main market of copper and brass is in the developed Countries. Especally for the country like USA , European countries etc. The Status of Their Economics will have a far Greater Impact on Prices.

Clean Brass Tube and Copper Pipe in Dowedo

The Cleanliness of Brass Tube and Copper Pipe is Mainly base on the Quality of Lubricating Oil and The Processing of Cleaning The Remainning Oil and Copper Scale inside or Surface of Products

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