Clean Brass Tube and Copper Pipe in Dowedo

The Cleanliness of Brass Tube and Copper Pipe is Mainly base on the Quality of Lubricating Oil and The Processing of Cleaning The Remainning Oil and Copper Scale inside or Surface of Products

In the Drawing Process of Manufacturing Brass tube and Copper Pipe,we need Lubricate the Inner Mold and Outter Mold together. And We must Choose the High Quality of Lubricating Oil in Order to avoid Crack and  Blot in the Production.

With the Quality Lubricating Oil which is High Volatile ,The Surface of Brass Tube and Copper Pipe will be Clean cause the Oil could be volatiled Directly. Thats Why the products manufactuered by Dowedo Company can be sold well that has dry and clean surface.

The oil insider of Brass Tube and Copper Pipe, especially at the both End of Tube and Pipe. The Lubricating Oil is volatiled also.
But How we clean the Remaining Oil and Copper Scale inside of them ? Donot worry. cause the quality of Oil is good. and the Oil will not be Sticked on the Tube and its easily moved so its not dry and stay inside of Brass Tube and Copper Pipe.

We Clean again for the Inner of Brass Tube and Copper Pipe before Annealing Process. And at the Time of Packing , we use the High Pressure Air Rifle to Clean the Lubricating Oil and Scrap again for a Better Delivery.

With the Cleanness,Our Brass Tube and Copper Pipe canot Effect any Damage for Outter Environment in the Usage. Also can Protect the Tube and Pipe for using a Long Time.
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