Affecting Factors on Price Of Copper and Brass

1.The Status of International Economy
The International Economic Situation is Very Important on Copper and Brass Prices.
the main market of copper and brass is in the developed Countries. Especally for the country like USA , European countries etc.
The Status of Their Economics will have a far Greater Impact on Prices.
Generally Speaking, The Demand of Copper and Brass will be increased along with the Higher Prices At the time of Good world Economic Situation , and the Demand and Price of Copper and Brass will be decreased under Weak World Economic Situation.

2.The Condition of Copper Producers
Chile is the Largest Source Country and Exporter of Copper in the World. Zambia and Congo in the Middle of Africa are also the Important Exporter and Producer. Nearly All of their Copper Mine is for Exporting.
So that the Economic ,Political and Social Conditions in These Countries directly affect the Changes of Copper and Brass Prices.

3.Price of Substitute Products
The Copper Material is the Main one in the Tele-Communications Industry. Along with the Development of Optical Fiber Technology,It Challenge to the Copper's First Position in the Usage. Meantime , the Aluminium has the Nearly Same Attributes so that It can Replace the Copper in Many Field of Industry.

4.The Inventory Influences
The Inventory Level is also one of the main Factor for the Copper and Brass Prices.
The Companies are Always Taking different Measure for Increasing or Decreasing the Inventory under Various Market Conditions.
In order to Ensure the Requirement in Production or Quicken up the Company's Cash Flow

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