Brass is generic term for a range of copper alloys , main elements are copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn), use popularly in lives : decorations, welding materials, the type of individual weapons warheads, wind instruments….

Face to the decline of pure copper in the world, while human’s need increase quickly, recycling scrap brass is the best choice. So the recycling scrap brass is known as the savior of copper industry. In the UK brass manufacturers use almost 100%  scrap brass

Beside handling the decline of pure copper, the recycling scrap brass is economic issue that almost companies pay more attention as lower price and good quality, with differing combinations of properties, including strength, machinability, ductility, wear-resistance, hardness, color, antimicrobial, electrical and thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance, the flexibility changing  element make product meet human’s need.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to environment, so the recycling scrap brass get more interested in and support.

With benefit of recycling scrap brass, copper industrial develop quickly and meet almost human’s need, not only aesthetics but also reasonable price, and the best choice for environment protection.     

Dowedo always effort to protect environment, we make the most of materials in production, avoid waste, scrap brass will be transferred to facility to recycle. We proud to supply material with the good quality and environmentally friendly

Let join with Dowedo to protect environment, for a greener world and full healthy.

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